getting lost might not always be a bad thing

Went out early-ish today  for a bit of a walkabout, weapons class (jodo) and some  shopping .

Getting lost, part 1:

Arrived at Baker st. Followed a road for about 5 minutes before realizing that Regents Park was the other direction.

Result: Arrived 10 minutes late for class.


Getting lost, part 2:

Went to Oxford circus station, planned to walk towards Bond street station, popping into shops as I go.

Result: Finally managed to find a pair of boots that I like at a reasonable price, and tried a noodle place  (Noodle Oodle) I’ve not been before finding out that I had ended up at Tottenham Court Rd. station (the completely opposite direction again….).



(Noodle Oodle’s braised beef and hand pulled noodles, with ice milk tea. Hand pulled noodles were slightly too salty and stodgy for me, and beef not as tender as it should be. But the taste of it as a whole was acceptable, and the noodles were exceedingly fresh and hand pulled just before being cooked and served.. Just skip the soup. However, the tea was divine! Milky but with the strong aromatic tea coming through.)


2 thoughts on “getting lost might not always be a bad thing”

  1. *salivating* Those hand-pulled noodles remind me of Pan Mee and koay teow in M’sia! Both can’t be found in Japan, unfortunately.

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