a fantastic Sunday out

The weather was brilliant yesterday and lasted the entire time I was out at Regents Park for my Sunday weapons class till coming back to Borehamwood after meeting up with some good friends.

The only little smudge in an overall perfect Sunday was that the tube lines were even more messed up than usual.

Anyway, after a tiring class and a bit of confusion I was finally able to join Kathrin and Paulina for a late lunch. We went to Golden Shalimar (near Paddington station) for some Indian cuisine.


After ordering our food, I was surprised by Paulina’s sweet gesture (pun very much intended :D). The Fortnum and Mason candy was tangy and creamy, and came in a pretty little bottle! Thanks Pau!


A bit of a wait later, our food finally arrived! I ordered 2 sides dishes of sag and bhindi with pilau rice, while my friends had chicken biriani and madras. (Apparently it was quite hot, and that coming from a mexican was quite an achievement! )

My rather vegi lunch wasa tad too oily and they added parsley (blarhh….), but was very nicely spiced and very enjoyable..

After lunch, we walked along Hyde Park from Lancaster Gate to Notting Hill Gate, admiring the paintings that were hung all along the street. Made me want to start drawing again!

Failing to find the pub I was looking for (near Holland park), we popped into Le Pain Quotidien instead for a coffee.

ice moccachino

An iced moccachino was the perfect end for a nice day out in London.


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