a little bit of weird…

This morning while waiting for the bus to the train station, a little old lady came along and sat next to me.

LOL: Have you been waiting long?

Enk: No, not really. Only about 5 minutes or so.

LOL: Oh. *Grumbles*

[A few minutes later]

LOL: Do you live here?

Enk: Yep, just around the corner.

LOL: Oh, how nice. Where are your parents from?

Enk: *????* From Malaysia.

LOL: OOOOOH… Malaysia!! Are they communists?

Enk: *???????????*

[blessed bus arrives]

LOL: I’m a communist, you know! I think they work!!!

Enk: Er…. right…..

[Enk escapes onto bus]


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