self inflicted torture- perils of contact lenses

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Regardless of what anyone says, deliberately stuffing a piece of film onto the eyeballs is just not natural.

Yet I also cannot refute the fact that contact lenses do provide a lot more advantages over wearing a good ol’ pair of comfy glasses.

After many many years of resistance, I have recently gave in and bought a pack of dailies. Yesterday, I gave them a go and decided to wear them to work. This was what I found….

  • The lenses were hard to find and extract from their little holding packs of liquid without getting torn or squished, being completely transparent and flimsy enough to be ‘comfortable’ under your eyelids in THE most sensitive parts of your body(there are more nerve endings in the cornea than anywhere else in the body)…
  • Deciding which side is the correct side up (or cupping said sensitive body part) is bloody hard, bearing in mind I am very short sighted (hence the need for contacts). After flipping them around a couple of times and peering to see it made any difference, I decided to just wing it.
  • Shoving them into your eyes were surprisingly easy… if you don’t have a blink reflex.
  • Once they’re in, it’s surprisingly comfortable… It’s a bit like having a bit of eyelash poking into your eyes, the there but not there kind of feeling.
  • Walking around (and then navigating/commuting around London) was…. interesting. Depth perception was shot to hell. Also rather like looking through a 15 mil lens (minor fish eye effect). Results: accident prone day.
  • Things somehow looked bigger! My monitor at work seemed huge….
  • Occasional blurriness around the corners which would go away after blinking a few times, but since I’m used to wearing glasses for over 20+ years, I kept jabbing myself at the bridge of my nose trying to adjust my non-existent spects…
  • Occasional minor irritation in the eyes… feeling rather watery and raw for no apparent reason… and then disappearing just as suddenly.
  • Harder to focus on close up objects. It was fantastic for stuff far away, but trying to read takes a couple of seconds for the eyes to readjust.
  • Glare from sunlight (unfiltered through UV protection coating on my glasses) was harsh, even in grey gloomy London!
  • Loved not having to give the old glasses a good wipe down to de-smudge them.
  • Loved the complete clear sightedness, as opposed to the limited viewing area with glasses.
  • Nearing the end of the day, eyes were strained and tired.
  • Light from lamps/blubs had flares.
  • Worst of all, had to rummage around the eyeballs to peel off a slippery transparent film made mostly of water with bare fingers. Again, good for people without a blink reflex.
  • Spent 20 minutes on the right eye trying to extract the bloody contact. Both eyes well watery and red by now. Was about to give up for the time being and all of a sudden, the left one just fell out! (Not even touched it yet!). HAD to carry on extracting the damned thing by then or face dinner with half vision.
  • Success after another 10 minutes working on the right eye. But by then the eye was so red it looked as if someone stabbed a fork into it.
  • Spent the rest of the night (and even till now) with a stinging and red right eye.

Will have to go through the entire process again at some point… Been told that practice makes perfect (or in this case, practice makes insensitive and scratched eyeballs).


Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “self inflicted torture- perils of contact lenses”

  1. Good luck Mike! I experience the same thing as well! I only wear it for outdoor activitiy.
    My eyes turned dry and red eventually at the end of the day in office if I would wear it to work. :-s *I think twice.. about it.

    1. Ha… Thanks Cathy. I’ve only started wearing them because of wanting to do some martial arts, and wearing glasses is just too dangerous! But I have to practice because if I just turn up wearing contacts I’m so getting hit because I’d have a screwed depth perception!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Yikes! In my mind I had flirted occasionally with the idea of taking the plunge into contacts, but this does post does it for me! I will banish the thought altogether *sobs*.

    1. *grins* Well, that was my first full day wearing it…. (Still not done day 2 though!) But it was quite nice not to have to bother with glasses.

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