mince pork on rice

After a day of irritation and misfortune (dragging my new slow cooker home on the tube+bus only to find that there’s 2 large cracks in the pot, after that tripping and falling over my own shoes in my bedroom being the 2 amongst a long list of annoyances) I decided to whip up some yummy comfort food…..

mince pork on rice dinner

Stir fried pork with a tiny amount of smoked bacon bits, an entire onion, shiau shin rice wine, dark and light soy sauce, pepper and chili… served on a generous helping of fluffy white rice.

The bowl of food was inhaled within 10 minutes….

The only thing missing would be some shitake mushrooms and some crispy lettuce to go with it, but since I was dragging a heavy box of broken kitchenware backย  I really couldn’t be bothered to go get some.


Waki is sulking for being left upstairs while I was busy eating. ๐Ÿ˜€


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