instant cameras

First there was polaroid, and now it’s digital cameras.


It’s a shame Polaroid stopped production of their film sometime around Feb 2008 (though hopefully their announcement in October this year about bringing it back will be followed through!!)

I’ve been very lucky that a friend of mine generously lent me her camera, and I managed to buy a pack of film from the US (works out to be around GBP 3 per shot!!!!!! Ack!)

There’s something very magical about seeing the image appearing right in front of your eyes.



2 thoughts on “instant cameras”

  1. Honestly, I’ve never hold on any instant camera before. It will be nice to get one…:D Color of the photos isn’t slightly brownish?

  2. It’s fantastic fun! Hopefully when they restart production of the film it’ll get cheaper again. Now it’s way too expensive to do anything more than an occasional shot here and there.
    It’s more red/magenta-ish. Makes the pictures feel very warm.

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