childhood weekends

While growing up back home in Tawau (Borneo, for those who aren’t from Malaysia), a nice big pot of soup would be the main feature for our weekend dinners. Some of my favourites were loh pak tong, sai yong choi tong, and ling ngau tong ( 莲藕烫, otherwise known as lotus root soup)

lotus root and pork ribs soup

Not having the old coal cook/range like we do at home here in London, I decided to make-do and try out my brand new shiny slow cooker by whipping up some warming lotus root soup on this cold, windy and wet Sunday.

I must say the result was pretty satisfying!

Full + Warm + Happy now!




8 thoughts on “childhood weekends”

  1. Long time no see!
    How’re you doing? I think you look great.
    I like hasu ( or Renkon ) = lotus root too, but I’ve never expected that you can get it in the UK.
    I prefer sliced hasu pickles which are on the Chirashi-zushi.
    Have you ever had? I think you like it.

    1. Hi Satoe!! How are you! O-genki desu ka? How is winter in Japan right now?

      I was surprised to see it as well, but they sell a lot of asian foods in Chinatown. 🙂

      Oooo… I’ve never had hasu pickles before. Will have to find that!

      There’s a chinese sweets that is sugar coated hasu that we usually eat during Chinese New Year!

  2. Sugar coated hasu????
    Sounds nice! Can I buy that every Chinese town or store?
    BTW, will you go back to your hometown on coming holidays?

    1. You would be able to buy them in Chinatown during chinese new year, I think. It’s usually in the sweets sections.

      No. Will be in the UK until I know how my visa application goes. Will have to plan what happens after that! 🙂 But I’ll be spending Christmas in London.

      You? Going anywhere?

  3. I’ll go to the hot springs with my family as same as we did on the last new year. But I have no plans on Christmas! ahhhh

  4. Your lotus soup looks divine! You said there was a problem with your slow cooker earlier on, did you get it fixed?

    Btw, nice new layout … but the colour of the clouds are a little foreboding … any underlying meaning behind the choice of the banner? :p

    1. I love lotus root soup!

      The first cooker was sent back, and they sent me another one (slow cooker jr, I like to think it as 😀 ) The first one was completely unusable since there was 2 large cracks on the ceramic pot. Good thing I noticed it before trying it out else I’d end up with either a kitchen top of uncooked bits and fluid, or even getting electrocuted… 😦

      Thanks! Finally made a bit more effort in changing the stuff/layout. *grins* Is the colour foreboding? I just liked the fluffiness and contrasting colours. Took that photo a few weeks ago during sunset while waiting for my bus to arrive.

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