ho ho ho….

Merry Christmas!!


5 thoughts on “ho ho ho….”

  1. Oh! Enk!
    I’m terribly sorry I haven’t noticed that you moved!
    ( I haven’t visited ADW for quite long time! Sorry! )
    I sent you a Christmas card this month, but I wrote your previous address on the envelope! Oh! I did make a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake!!!!!
    Sorry!!!!!! ごめんなさぁ~~~~~い!!!
    I’ll re-send you a new year card as soon as possible!

    1. メリークリスマス!!!

      and 新年おめでとうございます !!

      I got your card, Satoe! Thank you. That’s still my cousin’s home and she gave it to me. I love it!

      Hope your holiday is fantastic! Have a good time!

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