a step closer to Star Wars, part 2

After trying out my little new droid for the past few days, I am quite pleased to say it has been behaving and doing quite a nice job in sucking up little dust bunnies.

When idle, it rests in the little dock charging/resting with its big green start button glowing/pulsing.

irobot in dock

When you put it to work, it starts with a cheerful little tune before rumbling off (which is what it’s doing now even as I type, cleaning up the kitchen floor for me).

irobot running around

You can set it to go on specific times on specific days, but I couldn’t be bothered with that. I’ve just been randomly picking it up and setting it in rooms I wanted cleaned. It hoovers while zooming around the room finding dusty areas, slows down and even circle around the area if it calls for it. Sensibly, it’s been fitted with height sensors so it wouldn’t fall off stairs, and would even slow down if it ‘sees’ something in front of it (though that only works well if that item is light in colour since it uses some light reflection..sensing…thing….)

Surprisingly enough, it does quite a good job. It learns the layout of the room and goes over every part of it. It’ll then either stop and chime a little happy tune to indicate that it’s finished, or find it’s way to the 2nd or 3rd room via the lighthouses (the little while stands next to it in my first photo). If it’s in the same room with its dock, it’ll rumble back to its home when it’s running out of battery or when it’s finished working.

It should also ‘tell’ me when a problem occurs with either different sets of beeps, or with a preprogrammed voice (ie. tangled up, stuck, out of battery but not finished a room, etc) but I’ve not encountered that as yet.

Maintenance is needed more than normal vacuums (I do it after every cycle), but it’s such a simple thing (removing bits from the brushes and emptying its little bin) that it’ll take less than 5 minutes.

IDroid (that’s my name for mine) is a cute little ‘pet’ to have, though not necessarily needed because a normal hoover would do the job quicker (and maybe even better). But since you don’t actually have to do anything makes it a sweet little gadget to have. It’s also very cute, brilliantly fun to watch while it zips around and occasionally bumps into your foot while it works. It’s also hilarious when it finishes a room and always seem to find the most awkward spots to stop, ending up with you on your hands and knees hunting for it under furniture like a little lost hamster….

Would I recommend it? If you have the spare cash and like little insane gadgets, yes. If you find chores extremely tedious, and just want a bit of convenience in your life, then yes as well. If you’re boring and want a proper vacuum that sucks up every grain of dirt in your path, go get a Dyson. 😀


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