crypts, cakes and quail….

Today has been another rather foodie day for me.

Met up with a cuzzie and my uncle after my saturday Iaido class and went to have lunch at Cafe in the Crypt. Food there was quite good and reasonably priced (though not a lot of choices, a fair warning for you picky eaters), and the atmosphere was stunning.  Expect a long queue as it looks as if it’s very popular for both locals and tourists alike.

Since tea was mentioned, I thought Fortnum and Mason was the best place to go after hoovering up my food (I was hungry!).


So  splashing our way from Charing Cross to Piccadilly Circus, I spent about an hour oogling at  various sorts of teas, coffees, cakes, jams, stationary, etc…. while the relies picked up some  souvenirs. Didn’t stop for their famous cream tea (which needed booking) but went for a coffee at Nero just around the corner before heading home.

On my way back, I stopped by the butchers to pick up a treat for dinner (knowing Waki will be sulking for being left behind)….


… so we ended up having quail (roasted in mustard, 5 spice, cayenne pepper, lemon, garlic and olive oil) which turned out pretty satisfying indeed.


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