dim sum lunch for mitch and muks

The morning started out rather badly…. First, I managed to accidentally pop my contacts into the wrong eye (which took forever trying to get it out again since I’m still very much not used to wearing those bloody things), which made me run rather later than I would have liked…. Then I missed the bus by 2 seconds (got there while it was leaving…. grrrr). By the time I got to the office, I suddenly realized that I left my keys in my sword bag at home.

But like a little round bright orange lifesaver to someone chucked off a boat into the deep blue, what awaited me in my email inbox was a message from Muks asking me if I wanted to go have dimsum in PingPong (near Moorgate/Liverpool st. station)….

… give you 3 guesses what my answer to that was.

So at around 12.30 we found ourselves (with Gronkette who nabbed the chance of tagging along since Waki was stuck at home) sat in a oriental+western mix deco restaurant happily ticking the order form for dishes upon dishes of yummies…

dimsum at ping pong 1

..and my, did those little bamboo baskets pile up…

dimsum at ping pong 2

The drink (kumquat jasmine pearl tea???) was VERY tangy, but quite nice. Food was pretty acceptable as well. It’s not as flavourful as the other proper chinese restaurant, but this was partly because of the lack of msg which is a good thing in our books.

Only problem is the lack of choice. They didn’t have some of our favourite dimsum dishes, but at emergencies (the craving was getting to the both of us) I’d happily go again.ย  It’s close to work, and only slightly more expensive than our usual haunts.

Best of all, they serve it ALL DAY!!!!!


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