a porky treat…

I popped into Fortum and Mason a few days ago and found this fantastic looking piece of uncooked smoked ham that was perfect for dinner this Saturday night.

After a bit of online recipe browsing, Waki decided that a honey mustard glazed (with cloves) smoked ham roast dinner sounded absolutely divine. So today I went down to the grocery store to pick up some of the necessary ingredients for said dinner….

Back home, we set about boiling the ham for an hour (and saving up the stock for future dinners… YUM) in a big pot of water with bay leaves and peppercorns.


After it’s been sufficiently cooled, it was then de-skined and generously lathered with dijon mustard.

honey and clove

Honey coating followed, and cloves were poked in (Waki looks rather pleased with the outcome) before going into a pre-heated oven for 40 minutes.

yummy glazed home baked smoked ham

When the ham has finished baking, it was left to sit for 15 minutes while Waki tried his best to refrain from diving headfirst into it and start chomping his way through (it was a close one too!).

A little hiccup for the dinner tonight was because instead of having some roasted taters to go with the salad and ham, I managed to forget about them during her grocery run earlier in the day…..

mushroom risotto

…so instead we had some very very nice mushroom risotto instead.


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