what have I gotten myself into….

After exactly 1 year of watching Aikido classes before Iaido starts, I have finally made the decision/commitment to plunge myself headlong into that as well (after tackling various obstacles like contacts and visa… ).

My first class starts tonight.



7 thoughts on “what have I gotten myself into….”

  1. Hi, Enk! Genki?
    Congratulations on your 1st anniversary of Iaido!
    I’m so gald to hear that!
    Can I have your Iaido lesson? hehehe

    1. Hi Satoe!

      Hai Genki desu! How about you? How is Japan right now? Samui?

      Thank you! I’m still loving it! You should join as well! Haha… Come over and I can introduce you to my Sensei! πŸ˜€ I’m sure he will love having a Japanese student around!

      Waki says hellooooo!

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeees!
    Samui! We had snow!
    Mechakucha samui!
    Oh, Hellooooo, Waki! May also says Kon nichiwa!
    Have both of you had Omochi (rice cakes) this year?

    1. We had a LOT of snow this winter! >_< Totemo samui deshita!!!!! It must be so pretty in Japan when it snows!

      Hi May!!!

      Yes, we had some omochi (with red bean). Waiting for spring to buy some sakura ones too!

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