aftermaths of Aikido, class no.1

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m finally starting to learning Aikido. Since I am posting this, it is clear that I have barely survived the first class.

The class went along more or less along these lines for me….

5.55 pm– Head towards to dojo

6.05 pm– Change into my gi

6.15 pm– Walk into main dojo area (and faced the double takes from the others who didn’t expect me to turn up at that time… *sniggers*)

6.20pm– Did some stretching in my usual side of the hall, only to be asked why I’m not doing that on the mat. *slaps forehead* For that entire past year I’veย  done that because Aikido class would have already been on the mat practicing…. Habits are hard to break.

6.30pm– Everyone arrived and class starts with Sensei (teacher) lead stretching.

6.35pm– Right eye’s contact popped out during mid stretch…. @*$(@@_%*@_*%*@$

6.36pm– Bloody (not literally…) contact in my palm… still trying to follow the stretching while half blind and NOT drop said lens.

6.40pm– A fellow student came over to help me with wrist warm-ups (and put me out of my misery), so managed to snag that opportunity to ask permission to get off the mat and put that #(&@(^%_@&$*_#&@_$_% contact back in.

6.45pm– Still struggling with the contact in the lav (using eyedrops to wash it, damnit) when the left one pops out as well.ย  &#^%%#)@@#)%*&)%@#@(^@%$)$!#)@!!!!

6.50pm– Finally managed to get both lenses back in and went back to the dojo with red itchy eyes.

6.51pm– Taught the basics… half rolls, rolls (back and front), falls, etc…. absolutely fascinating stuff! Didn’t quite managed to do even half of it, but learning it was undoubtedly interesting (and dizzying in some instances).

7.15pm- Shown the Ikyou (first technique). Tried to pay attention to both attack and uke (receiver) side. Footwork, hand work, body placement, arm extension, etc… the mind boggles.

7.30pm– Class ends with back stretches. Me still rather hyper and bouncy from learning new stuff.

7.31pm– Iaido time! Wheee…Puts on hakama and grabs my iaito……..

8.30pm– Iaido class ends with me feeling quite a bit more tired than usual due to the extra class before it. Really glad the contacts didn’t give me more trouble after that anyhow.


Today, abdomen and thighs achy…. *ouch*


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