2010 iaido seminar in scotland, part 2…

We made our way to Scotland on Friday afternoon….

…and found a little stowaway in my bag!

Hence, lucky little faraway Waki got to go on a trip up north and watch us humans swing swords around, though in his mind he believes that he’s the one who’s keeping our swords safe.

We had dinner that night in Edinburgh (Doric Tavern) but it was a tad too dark for photos.

After dinner was the second leg of the journey from Edinburgh to Croy, where we were met by Stevie Boyle sensei (Wishaw Aikikai, Scotland) who drove us to a pint (I had a blackcurrent aspall(?) cider) and our beds at the Red Deer Pub.

Next morning (Saturday) was the first day of the seminar, so we woke up early (ish) for a nice breakkie….

…which for me was nutella on toast, cereals, juice and coffee!

We were then whisked off to register and the course has finally begun! (Description of said seminar, go read my previous post)

After classes ended for the day, we were sent back to the Red Deer to wash up and prepare for dinner that night at a local chinese buffet. But by that time we were so hungry we decided to pop into the pub for a bite to eat to tide us over the next 2 hours before dinner.

First to come was the much needed cup of coffee!

And while we were waiting rather impatiently for our food, poor little faraway Waki proved to be rather useful as a bit of a distraction from the fact that our food was not there yet!!

Waki was definitely very please when it finally came… Seafood platter + chicken skewers. It was rather yummy, and we managed to inhale it all very very quickly indeed.

The chinese buffet that night was alright, but unremarkable, so no photos will be provided.

The next morning, another cereal breakkie before we packed up our stuff, dropped off our keys and went for the 2nd (and final) day of the seminar.

After the seminar has ended, we had a bit of time before having to go catch the train from Croy to Edinburgh and then finally to London. So we were taken to Castlecarry hotel pub for a very very yummy ribeye steak, with whiskey and mustard gravy.

The train journey back was like being transported back to reality. The 3 days felt very very surreal indeed…. I’ve finally met more Iaidoka saround the UK,Β  learnt and experienced quite a lot, as well as earned my stripes with the brief taster of what it was like to train professionally in the field of martial arts.

A weekend well spent indeed!


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