purely foodie post~

So, what’s Waki been up to these few days?


Riverside Terrace Cafe

He went to the Riverside Terrace cafe, Southbank, last Monday for dinner (beef brisket sandwich and a double choc cheesecake) before watching Avatar at IMax.


He also had a nice breakkie (Italian sausages from Selfridges, 2 runny yummy eggs, and a portobello mushroom) on the first day of Chinese New Year.

pomfret 1

And for CNY day 1 dinner, a fantastically fresh and yummalicious pomfret (also from selfridges)…

pomfret 2

…that was baked/steamed in foil with dried shitake mushrooms, ginger, chinese rice wine and sesame oil….

mushroom salad

…accompanied by yet more mushrooms in salad.

wood pigeon

Tonight (CNY day 2), pigeon stuffed with bacon, bay leaves, cinnamon and pepper, pan fried but still slightly pink in the middle.




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