year 1 and counting…

I have now been learning (or attempting to learn, depending on who you ask… *grins*) Iaido for 1 year (started classes during Feb 2009).

Since then my life has taken some amazing twists and turns, met (and lost) friends along the way, experienced new and wonderful …well… experiences…. Iaido has even introduced me to Aikido (it’s usually the other way round, go figure) which I’ve started just this month.

Do I regret attempting this weird and wonderful martial art? Hell, no!! If anything, I find myself getting more and more ‘into it’….

To save you readers from anymore of my gushing, I will move onto my purpose (tenuous, if any) of this post:

What have I learnt about Iaido in this period?

  • It’s like the Hydra…. For every 1 thing you’ve figured out, 10 more pops out of nowhere.
  • You’d get rather possessive/obsessive about your sword.
  • Details are a darn hard to get right, but are absolutely vital.
  • You’d have bruises on top of bruises at the base of your right thumb for the first few months.
  • I really hate bunny hops…. yet really want to do more of them to improve…. (masochist, anyone?)
  • A kata (set of techniques strung together for practice/conditioning purposes), though short, seems 5 times longer while trying to hold your concentration, maintain a certain amount of tension, and not ‘fizzle out’.
  • Being whacked by a sword bloody HURTS!
  • Muscles that you previously didn’t even know existed ache.
  • You’d have stabbed yourself at least once even if your sword isn’t sharp.
  • That @)$^)%)@*&*#) belt is hard to tie just right… it’s always too tight (constricts the movements of your left/the sheath) or too loose (the sheath falls out).
  • ‘Moving meditation’ my arse (pardon my french)…. Unless your version of meditation is imagining/contemplating how to quickly and efficiently chop other people into bits.
  • Most people, even Japanese, will look at you blankly if you say you’re learning Iaido.
  • You’d get odd looks when you have your sword bag with you… occasionally being asked if you’re going fishing or camping.
  • No one quite believes you when you say you have a sword in the aforementioned bag.
  • Americans will think you’re carrying a gun.

Most importantly…

  • Iaido is absabloomin’lutely FASCINATING and FUN!

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