eating in and eating out…

It’s been quite a foodie 2 weeks…. but seeing that it was Chinese New Year it seemed very fitting.

Chinese New Year isn’t really Chinese New Year without noodle dishes. But instead of the usual chinese stir fried egg noodles, we had…

homemade pesto miso udon

VEERRRRYYYY yummy fresh linguine from Selfridges with a generous amount of homemade pesto. And then, there’s also udon in miso soup (made from miso paste and fish stock) with silky soft tofu, mushrooms and seaweed.

Fish is also a must for CNY as well….

rainbow trout line caught salmon

So the answer to that was whole baked trout, fresh line caught salmon grilled with teriyaki sauce and asparagus on a big bed of rice….

monk fish

…and a wonderful piece of fresh sweet monkfish with chinese sausages and kai choi (a type of chinese veggie).


Waki wanted to go to Chinatown during this festive season, so we ended up eating there as well.

satay beef brisket noodles

Wan Chai restaurant turned out to be very decent indeed. A rather disappointing starter of satay (though the peanut sauce was actually quite good), the beef brisket vermicelli noodle soup stole the show.

yau za guai dan tat

On a different day we met up with a friend for more food, but ended up having some snacks in a little tea place (yau za guai/yau tiu and egg custard tarts/dan tat) before and after our main meal…

dimsum at CCK

…which consisted of quite a large number of yuuuuumy dimsum from Cheong Cheng Ku (or something like that).

The food was good, but it was quite msg filled and a tad too salty for my taste (though the roast duck, siew mai, pork ribs in blackbean sauce, and stuffed tofu was very good). Still, the place would be worth visiting because theyย  do the traditional way of wheeling little metal trolleys around with different types of dimsum dishes for customers to pick on the spot!

All in all, a very foodie Chinese New Year.

Gong Hei Fat Choi everyone!


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