crusting pipe and garrick arms

Romu’s first London outing consisted of a little gathering with friends coming over from Mexico and Norwich.

eros piccadilly

Meeting point: Piccadilly Circus, Eros (which isn’t really suppose to be Eros, but his twin brother Anteros) statue.

Rather than going to watch Waiting for Godot (Ian Mckellen!), we decided to go for a nice meal and catch up instead (in case we’d have to keep poking a jet-lagged friend awake throughout the play… *grins*).

romu and drinks

We ended up at the Crusting Pipe at Covent Garden, and chatted while sipping a rather berrily lovely chilean merlot. The latte came after to keep us buzzing.

waki and food

Waki, being the seafood loving kiwi that he is, decided to have the special starter of the day…. scallops on edamame and rocket salad, followed by a nicely grilled swordfish steak on creamy mash. Skipped dessert because by that point even Waki has had quite enough to eat.

lots of drinks

We spent around 3 – 4 hours there, sipping our drink and talking.


Then we decided to move onto the next venue… a pub (Garrick Arms) a short walk from Leicester square. There, we had yet more drinks and talked even longer.


It was a lovely night out. We should do this more often. Cheers!


6 thoughts on “crusting pipe and garrick arms”

    1. Yep! Faraway romu gets to stay in my bag most of the time with faraway waki now. I also have a standing faraway waki hanging onto my Iaido bag. πŸ˜€

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