phantom of the opera, part 2…

2 weeks ago I managed to get tickets to go see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical…

love never dies

Being (sort of) a fan of the Phantom, Waki was ever so excited.

love never dies tickets

The music was gorgeous, the sets were unbelievable, the props were hillarious (skeleton maids with trays and all!).ย  Ramin Karimloo has a brilliant voice, and all the other cast were very very good as well. Loved how tiny echos of the original Phantom music were subtly inserted into a few places just to remind you of what happened in the past.

Unfortunately, the plot was actually quite flat. Worse of all, the characters lost their edge, especially the Phantom. To me, a major part of what made Phantom of the Opera so breathtaking was the fact that the Phantom was a very dark character that balanced on a very fine line of being completely insane and evil, yet very sad and tortured. In Love Never Dies, he’s now this fluffy, lovelorn, SAFE character. Surely 10 years isn’t quite enough to turn a serial killer (face it, that’s what he was in the Original) into the soft loveydovy multimillionaire that he is in this new sequal.

The only character who still had a bit of a bite in her was Mdm Giry, and her character wasn’t quite as fleshed out as it could have been, and it fizzled off at the end.

Anyhow, it was greatly entertaining and we had a fantastic night out.


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