3 months down the line…

…well… nearly 3 months down the line since starting aikido at Aikido of London, I think I’m starting to move slightly better….

.. I hope…

aikido at Aikido of London (Ismail Sensei)

Anyway, it’s been very interesting (and fun!) trying to re-learn how to move, what’s right and safe (and what’s not), and not to ‘retreat’.

Even those bloody contact lenses are starting to irritate me less!

The up and coming aikido/iaido seminar (mid may) is going to be interesting, to say the least… Hopefully  I’d be able to ‘take ukemi’ a bit better and not fall like a sack of wet potatoes….

… We shall see.


iaido at Aikido of London (Ismail Sensei)

On a slightly different thread, it’s nearly 1 years since I’ve received my iaito, and I’m just as crazy about iaido as ever (maybe more)!

And the informal weapons class (jo and bokken) at the park will be starting soon again!



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