minamoto kitchoan, london

… yes.. that is the right spelling…

minamoto kitchoan

I was pointed towards this little gem not long ago (*cough* yesterday *cough*) which I decided to scurry into today after work for a peekaboo, much to Waki’s pleasure (and my wallet’s despair)….

the goodies!!

…and this was what I ended up hauling back home after gaping at all the tiny but exquisitely made “wagashi” (japanese confectionery) displayed.


There’s the Doraemon made famous dorayaki (or tsuya… red bean cake).


Since it’s spring, it only made sense to get some sakura mochi (rice cake with red bean paste, wrapped with salted cherry leaves and cherry blossom petals), a traditional and all time fav. thing to have during ohanami (cherry blossom viewing) in Japan.  なつかしい!!!

kodomo no hi goodies

Then, there’s the set of kodomo no hi (children’s day, celebrated on 5 may in japan) snacks (I’m only guessing here by the fish flag design)…

jelly and cake

The little fishies are “chogonosekkuka” (kumquat jelly) with a whole sugared kumquat in the middle, and the mini cakes, “ayashirabe” (kidney bean and honey cake).

choco mochi

Last but not least, utterly decadent choco mochi (chocolate rice cake) with chocolate wrapped in a layer of rice and dusted with a generous flurry of chocolate powder.


I think I shall be visiting kitchoan again soon!


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