another year older…

I had a wonderful birthday week with lots of food, friends, and the weather finally getting (and staying) warm.


A friend stayed over for a few days at the beginning of the week, and bought many goodies.


We went for a pint after Aikido and Iaido class on the day (and was ID-ed again… ) …


… and a very nice treat of some very yummy handpulled noodles with tender stewed beef brisket and ice milk tea.


We even got a surprise after a hot lunch at the office the next day!


And then for dinner that night, a gorgeousย  mongolian steamboat (chinese hot pot/fondue) feast.


Last but not least, surprise pressies!!


Thank you all!


4 thoughts on “another year older…”

    1. Thanks Cat! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Those are macaroons (or macaron, depending on where you are). Not really cookies… It’s like little meringues with fillings… all different flavours.

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