3 years of musing…

Muks and Mitch finally made it to Whitstable Oyster Fest.

Unfortunately, we made a wrong turn and couldn’t really find said ‘fest’… so spent our time wandering around the pebble beach instead, biding our time before the long awaited 3pm late lunch at:

whitstable oyster fest1


Plate upon plate of yummmmmmmy food descended upon Muks and Mitch’s table, much to the amusement of the other restaurant patrons.

whitstable oyster fest2

Tag-along Waki looking overjoyed at the plates of oysters…

whitstable oyster fest3

Our favourite, oysters with champagne and lemon granite.

whitstable oyster fest4

Very filling fish soup with croutons…

whitstable oyster fest5

Tuna carpaccio with evil evil parsley….

We also had cockles and samphire… but Mitch was too busy licking the plates at that point to take proper photos, hence ended up with rather blurry images of the 2 dishes.

After a delightful lunch (only ยฃ45!! ), we rushed towards the fish market. Mitch found herself dragging 2 dozens rock oysters (and huge bag of ice), more cockles, whelks, crayfish, jellied eel and periwinkles back to London.

Anyone game for Whitstable in September for native oysters? ๐Ÿ˜€


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