Winter Seminar at Verulamian

It’s now the middle of the aikido/iaido break (we have a month off in August), and I’ve been rather fidgety for the past 2 weeks because of it. I’ve taken up swimming again after quite a few years going without, and found that, though still very enjoyable, it feels like I’ve lost half my lungs since then… and no, I don’t smoke.

One more week and a half to go before classes resume…. Will be back to aching muscles and bruises then~ Yay!

Another thing to look forward to is the Aikido of London Winter Seminar that’s coming up at Verulamian, I mean, St.Albans, on the 27 and 28 Nov 2010.

So for anyone interested in Aikido/Iaido and will be in the UK/near London at the time, don’t miss this chance!


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