Fry Live (sort of)

Last night was Stephen Fry Live at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank.


While I didn’t to get tickets for that (was pretty much sold out the next day after the announcement!!), I managed to get 2 very good seats at the newly refurbished and rather charming Phoenix Cinema at East Finchley for the live broadcast…. as Mr.Fry himself put it: “in glorious figure-hugging 2D”.

The 90 minutes went by all too quickly for me, but the poor chap must have aching jaw by then!

As eloquent and sharp as ever, he read a few passages from his new book, the Fry Chronicles, and talked about some of his childhood memories (some covered in Moab is my Washpot, some not), a tinsy bit about his uni years (including Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie), as well as his climb to fame (Cambridge footlights, Rowan Atkinson, Blackadder).

What is it about him that makes him so darn likeable, I wonder?


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