mini moreover mouse 1

Weds, 13 Oct 2010, morning:

Podmate D sitting on my left suddenly yelled ” ******* mouse on A’s desk!!!!!”, which caused a bit of a kerfuffle when everyone rushed over to the aforementioned desk to peer into the grey folder in the corner.

What we found was a tiny cute little brownish mouse huddled within the folder’s cosy depths….


The techies tried to catch it with plastic bags, but it ended up jumping out and scuttling across the pod desks and escaped.

Mouse 1 : 0 Moreover


Weds, 13 Oct 2010, afternoon:

Rat catcher guy arrived with a mouse trap that should catch and suffocate mice instantly by releasing CO2, and places it behind podmate D’s desk, next to the wall.


Weds, 13 Oct 2010, evening:

A sets up the Mouse Monitor, which should (theoretically) start recording when motion is detected. Toffee candy used as bait.


Thurs, 14 Oct 2010, morning:

A general feeling of disappointment when Trap and Mouse Monitor were found to be undisturbed.


Fri, 15 Oct 2010, morning:

Trap has been triggered!!

Rat catcher came in to check it out. A palpable sense of excitement in the air…

Trap was lifted and opened, when suddenly a tiny streak of brown shot out, did a flying leap towards freedom (unfortunately, right at where podmate D was standing) and scuttled back into the hole in the wall.

Result: A rather impressive scream from podmate D, stunned silence from everyone else including rat catcher, and a freed little mouse.

Further investigation showed that it was a faulty tube of CO2, and was told that this only happened once (making this the 2nd) in the 8 years of his rat/mouse catching days.

Trap reset and laid down again.

Mouse 2 : 0 Moreover


4 thoughts on “mini moreover mouse 1”

  1. Do you eat lunch at your desk? Mousey footprints/germs on desk? Lovely………………………………….

      1. Yeah right. 100% clean. Once had a mouse in a colleagues bin at lunchtime – eating leftover sandwich.

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