I happened upon a gorgeous piece of salmon fillet while doing some shopping, and though it would be the perfect opportunity during the weekend to try cold curing it…

After browsing around the net for a while, I found that a scandinavian dish, gravlax, sounded intriguing… Problem was, I didn’t have any dill.


So instead of the traditional way of covering it in that, I used green tea leaves instead which would give it a nice smokey flavour (at least, I hoped so).

With the fillet slathered in salt, sugar, tea leaves, a dash of brandy and some lemon, I stuck it into the fridge with a brick (scrubbed clean of soil from the garden, of course) on top to give it a good squishing.


24 hours later (which should have been 48, but I was too curious and couldn’t wait anymore) I retrieved it, cleaned it, and found that it had cured into a lovely, smokey, deep orangey, firm piece of salmon.

gravlax 3

Truthfully, it wasn’t quite as pickled as I would have liked it to be (since it really should have taken another day to cure properly) so I sliced it very thinly and dipped it with a bit of wasabi (japanese mustard) and shoyu (soy sauce).

That worked wonderfully….

This not-really-gravlax went on to featureย  in all the meals in one way or the other for the following week because of the quantity that I made, but still I wish I had made more.

Next time, Waki has decided that nothing short of a 1 kilo piece of fillet would suffice.


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