10 things I’ve found out about me in martial arts

It has been 2 and 3 years since I have started Aikido and Iaido respectively.


Since then, I have:

1. been awarded my first black belt in Iaido (sept 2011)
2. become slightly less of a dunce been awarded 4th kyu in Aikido (Jan 2012)
3. broken one tsuba (see photo), hence started using a leather one instead.
4. been to a handful of seminars/courses, and did a couple of private classes in western fencing (foil)
5. discovered that I am oddly slightly more competent falling/rolling on my left, even though I am right handed
6. been told I have a “killer cut”, but am also not angry enough….
7. stiff shoulders
8. had no massive injuries (thank goodness)
9. “no desire in hitting anyone”, and this has proved to be an issue in the weird world of arse kicking martial arts.
10. most weekday evenings and most Saturdays dressed up in thick white scratchy material getting thrown around or waving a weapon about, and loving every moment of it.


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