er…. thank you?

Last weekend I found myself hopping onto my usual bus heading towards Baker street to meet up with a friend.

london bus

The bus was quite packed, as usual, but I managed to snag myself a seat right at the back of the bus.

Halfway through the ride, 2 little old grannies boarded the bus along with the crowd. Irritated that no one at the front even gave them a second glance as they swayed their way none too steadily along, I hopped off my seat and waved them over, and the woman on the other side did the same grudgingly (accompanied by eye rolls and muttering).

After a bit of arm patting and Dearie-calling, they managed to settle themselves onto the seats.

Grannie 1: “Thank you dearie!” *pat pat pat*
Grannie 2: “Yes, you are such a dear” *pat pat pat*
Grannie 1: “OUR young people nowadays don’t know courtesy anymore” *glares at people in front*
Grannie 2: “It’s YOUR people who they should let into the country and deserve to stay” *nods* *pat pat pat*
Grannie 1: ” That’s true, dearie!” *pat pat*

Er… thank you?


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