birthday ‘present’s

My birthday was on Sunday.

So I got a ‘present’ from the Queen herself, a 4 day weekend for her diamond jubilee. *cheers*

I also took a day off the beginning and the end of the weekend making it 6 days off. *cheers*

Unfortunately, as most bank holidays go, this one was as rainy as it can be. But I decided to brave the weather on monday and venture out to do my annual British museum wander-around.


From between getting on the bus stop to 2 stops down my phone was stolen. *frowns*

Report to TFL and the police *check*
Dig out old phone to use *check*
Get replacement sim and transfer phone number *check and on its way*

Checked my account online and found that the thief used up all my credit. *frown*
At least it was only £15ish. *cheers*

Got phone barred from any use with IMEI *check*

Now the thief can only use it as a paperweight. So there.


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