Last friday I went to selfridges food court for my fortnightly-wander and saw this….

turkey egg1

Who could resist eggs that you’ve not tried before? Definitely not me anyway.

And what better way to taste new eggs in all their glory?

Soft boiled with a little bit of maggie soy sauce.

The eggs are quite small, about the size of a medium chicken’s egg, and oddly speckled like gull’s eggs, only white

turkey egg2

I cooked it as per the instructions (5 minutes in boiling water at room temp, etcetc) but turned out a tad raw.

But I’m not fussy and happily slurped it down anyway.

turkey egg3

The taste wasn’t much different from a chicken’s egg, just subtler and creamier. The oddest part was the colour of the yolk. It was a very light yellow, like the yellow that’s usually next to white in a box of 36 soft pastels.

It was pretty tasty, but would I buy it again…?

At £2.50 each, probably not. I’m sticking to chicken and duck eggs as my staples.


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