#regenttweet 2012

Thanks to the fantastic girls at London Girl Geek Dinners, Regent Tweet 2012 was ON for 23 June 2012.

I managed to get snag myself a ticket (lucky!) and got all excited (and already tweeting) the week before the event.


A wee bit of background: RegentTweet is an annual event (3rd year now) by LGGD as a celebration of social media (tweeting, in particular), all things geeky and shopping at Regent Street.

The day starts at 10am, with a queue to registration and collecting our participation cards at Swarovski lounge (otherwise known as RegentTweet HQ for the day). Here I caught up with @emmajne, whom I met in last year’s RegentTweet.


With our cards ready, we starting going up and down Regent Street, popping into affiliated shops getting whatever was offered in said cards. It would be something like:

First 20 bloggers in UGG who tweeted about their favourite pair of shoes will get a pair of UGG flipflops;

First 50 bloggers at Tommy Hilfiger will get a surprise free gift;

Take a break and have coffee or tea and a pastry at tibit, from 10 to 11.30am;

All RegentTweeters who tweets about their favourite Godiva chocolate gets a Coeur Iconique and London Souvenir box.

At every shop we hand in the appropriate cards, check in via QR codes at the counters and scoot off to the next place.

On top all these freebies, there are competitions, talks by specialists about upcoming technologies at Apple store, and lucky draws for brilliant prizes (drawn out from the day’s tweets at random)


We had a blast. Running around, bumping into tourists wielding out massive bags, popping into stores checking out their latest and greatest, being shown around like VIPs, received free manicures, pedicures, hair styling, coffees, treats, ice cream, champagne, and cocktails. When it got a bit much we headed back to HQ for a breather, a sit down and yet another coffee or tea.

And all these while tweeting to our hearts content.

At 5.30, everyone popped back to HQ for chats and the final lucky draw, where 10 or so major prizes were drawn from the tweet database.

Shockingly, I was extremely lucky, I got 2!!

1. Bose IE2 ย earphones

2. Sebago dockside (voucher to choose any pair and colour I like which I scuttled over to claim after the event)


(freebies brought home from the day!!)

At around 6, tired and still flabbergasted about winning 2 prizes, I set about my way for a coffee and home to a much needed bath and dinner.

Once again, a large shout out THANK YOU to London Girl Geek Dinners for such an amazing day.


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