running ron…

The Olympics is looming, so I thought I might as well try to get into the whole spirit of things.

Since I couldn’t be bothered to buy ticket/go to any events/face the insanity, I thought just popping up to one of the torch relay locations might be the best bet.

I chose Barnet because I read somewhere that Rupert Grint (aka Ron from the Harry Potter movies) will be the torch bearer from Middlesex Uni, and I have friends in Malaysia who are barmy about him (yes, you know who you are).

So, I took the day off on Weds and took the bus + tube towards Hendon Central, armed with my camera, sleeveless t and shorts. Just my luck it was the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures beating the likes of Barcelona!

As expected, there was an insane amount of people.  Anything Harry Potter still draws a crowd.

I managed to wedge myself into a spot quite close to the starting point and waited to see if it really would be Rupert Grint’s leg of the relay since the details were rather vague on exactly when and where he’s be running.

It was quite the party atmosphere at the time. All sorts of cheering, flag waving, parade-like dancing on sponsor buses, guys on stilts, while I tried to ignore a middle-aged woman trying to elbow her way thorough past me (and was told off by a less patient woman on her other side, ending up with “will you stop pushing already!” and “I’m NOT pushing” back and forth between the two.)

About 10 minutes later, the crowd started chanting “Ron Ron Ron….”

… and he popped into view, and jogged past me with the torch….

…. and that was it (with mini little flames following just in case).

Quite a lot of the crowd followed him down the road, but I have had enough by then and made my way back to the station. Happily, there was a cafe right next to it so I managed to grab myself a much needed ice coffee and chilled for a bit.

That’s my little London Olympic 2012 spirit spent.


2 thoughts on “running ron…”

  1. 4 days til we go to the athletics! Woo hoo! Briefly considered seeing the flame but decided athletics was more our thing… blink and the flame will scoot past!

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