wenlock-mania, 1

As probably most of the 7 billion people around the world knows, Olympic 2012 is in London.

I’ve been watching the events on and off after work, specially due to the fact that we have a 2 weeks break from the dojo during the olympic period.

While admiring the athletes doing their stuff, my eyes kept drifting off to this little creature usually bouncing up and down at the corner of the screen. As a friend of mine has mentioned:

“Wenlock makes the perfect photobomb”

Way back when the Olympic mascots were first presented, I, like pretty much 99.99% of the Brits, thought “what the hell!??!”. Gradually, I must admit I’ve grown rather fond of the 2 alien looking creatures.

That is… until 5 Aug.

Bolt stormed through and won the 100m sprint with a new Oly record of 9.64 secs….

And Wenlock bounced ran up to Bolt and gave him a smaller gold wenlock…

And they all did this….


After I’ve pieced my head back together due to it exploding from cute-overload, next thing I know this was delivered to my office and I had to drag it back home (and was quite impressed that barely any Londoners batted an eye at the sight, pun not intended).

wenlock  wenlock 2

My hand might have accidentally slipped on the “BUY” button on amazon.


2 thoughts on “wenlock-mania, 1”

  1. Still can’t believe you bought this HUGE Wenlock – how cute! Also disappointed that we didn’t get a ‘Wenlock jumping’ montage in any of the BBC footage.

    1. Haha… I don’t think I quite believe it myself! It’s extremely huggable though!
      Me too! I’ve been combing the net for vids from time to time…. There’s a video on youtube from the audience of wenlock’s victory dance and handing Bolt the gold wenlock after his 100m win, and 2 on wenlock and mandeville doing the long jump. Very cute.

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