wenlock-mania, 2

Following my sudden new found obsession for all things wenlock, I’ve decided to use the last 2 weekdays of the Olympics I’ve taken off work to photograph all the sculptures peppered around the city. They’re split into 6 Strolls as Discovery London journeys.

I’ve managed to finish all 6 walks in 3 days.

So in the order I’ve made them….

Stroll no. 1, on Thursday.

This walk was chock-a-block full of tourists/families on the southside of the river. Made trying to photograph the sculptures very difficult. Quiet once I’ve went past St.Paul’s.

Was lovely going from Tate Modern over the wobbly bridge. They were pipping classical music/opera, and then readings with Thames themed poetry mid bridge.

Fav for this walk: Sir Wenlock (the one in the silver suit of armour.





3 thoughts on “wenlock-mania, 2”

  1. We did the blue walk on Friday! Which was the next best walk? Mini sMapps wants to do one more walk. Tis fun.

    1. hm.. for nice quiet walks Green and Red were good. The covent garden one has more interesting Wenlocks though. Chinatown Mandeville is quite pretty in china blue dragon patterns.

    2. though if you do the green walk, be aware that the bridge near no.1 (Sherlock Holmes wenlock) might be under renovation so when I was there they had it in the inner island. You’d have to go in through another path a little bit further up on your right (if you’re coming in from baker street)

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