one month anniversary

One month ago on the 29th of Oct was a day for a roller coaster of emotions…

I went for my visa applicatio. I had to wake up at 5am and made my way to croydon when the day was still pitch black. Past noon, after a lot of waiting around, I was told my visa extension was successful and will have to wait for my biometric card to arrive before I can travel.

Exiting the UKBA office, I texted my parents to tell them the good news only to find out that my granddad just passed away a few hours ago.

Curious that it’s a mixture of shock and yet not….

Granddad was 99 years old. All the kids and grandkids and great grandkids were already making plans to visit him next year for his 100th birthday. But he recently had a bad fall and was in pain and fairing rather poorly since then.

I like to think that he’s now with grandma, happily eating his favourite foods and drinking beer, finally able to enjoy music again after long years without his hearing.

And probably playing mahjong with his brother.


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