horse, anyone?

Last Thursday on my way to work, something quite unusual happened. Someone actually made eye contact and spoke to me on the tube!

I was sitting next to a little old man who was reading the Metro.  He looked up at me, and pointed at the headline he was reading, which said,

“Inquiry begins after horse meat discovered in Tesco ‘value’ beefburgers”

l.o.m: What’s the fuss about? I’ve had horse before in the past.
me: ?
l.o.m: When I was in france and italy. They love horse meat there.
me: Oh. I’ve never tried horse before. Was it good?
l.o.m: Not bad. I’ve had all sorts of things before.  I travel a lot, well… use to. Not any more. I’m a pensioner now.
me: *smiles*
l.o.m: *stage whispers* I’ve had shark, stingray, swordfish, wild boar before.
me: *tried to look surprised and nodded* (I didn’t have the heart to say that those are very common in malaysia)
l.o.m: It’s true! I don’t understand some of my friends.
me: Oh?
l.o.m: We once were in a chinese restaurant, and they asked the chef if they cook english food! *looks disgusted* I mean, really!
me: *grinnning* Oh I know what you mean. Trying the local food is one of the best parts of traveling!
l.o.m: *grins at me* It is!

By then, the tube slid into Kings Cross and I had to get off. So I wished him well and he waved back at me.

A lovely start for the day.


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