big green moss balls

I have recently decided that my room has a severe lack of algae (as one does).

So after a bit of ebaying, these 2 little fluff balls popped up at my office in an envelope rather squished and out of shape so I had to quickly do a bit of emergency re-shaping and dunked them into a jar of water I readied for their arrival.

marimo arrival

Unfortunately, I underestimated their size (they puffed up a fair amount after soaking up moisture) and ended up having to jostle each other for their patch.

This, the marimos had to put up with until I found them a new home from homebase the next day.

marimo new

Though not ideal, the new tank is much bigger and nicer than an old honey jar. One of the marimos have already recovered its nice round shape, and spends most of its time floating around the top. The other is still a bit squashed, and have been sitting at the bottom, probably sulking.

Now, the questions are:

1. What to name them.

2. How to tell them apart?!


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