After several friends exclaiming “WHAT!? You’ve not watched Sherlock? You must! Suits you to a T!”, I decided to go and get myself the box set and hunkered down last Sunday for some serious viewing.

And you know what? They were absolutely right.

Being a Sherlock Holmes fan, and recently ever so slightly obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch, I must admit I enjoyed it so much I finished the 2 series (including special features) in 2 days.

To my surprise when I saw the famous “221B Baker Street apartment”, set next to a cafe, I found myself puzzling over it. It looked very very familiar indeed.

So a quick googling later, I realised that it was because I pass by it quite often on the way back home from the dojo after class at bloomsbury!

221b from the series
221b from the series
on my way back home
on my way back home

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