murphy’s law

Yesterday I found myself wandering around Forbidden Planet, heaven for comic geeks, and saw a bunch of Funko The Game of Thrones Mystery Vinyl Mini-Figures sitting on a shelf looking rather inviting.


I stood there hm-hawing for a bit deciding if I wanted to risk one…


Looking at the possibilities at the back of the box, I decided that any of the characters would be nice, other than Jeoffry.

I actually really wanted either any of the dire wolves, the dragons or Ned Stark. But anything else (OTHER than Jeoffry) would be a fun little collectible to have. So after quick bit of calculation, I totted up around 92% chance of getting something that I’d like, and around 40% chance of getting the ones I really wanted.

So, the odds were quite good. £7ish isn’t too much to spend on a bit of fun.

I mean, 92% chance of NOT GETTING JEOFFRY… right? RIGHT?