home made noodle attempt

I bumped into a home made noodle video on youtube, and thought I’d like to try making it. It looked simple enough.

So I went to pick up a pack of flour. The recipe called for all purpose flour, but for some bizarre reason there was none at waitrose! In the end I settled with a pack of organic spelt white flour.


3 cups of the white flour, 1 1/4 water, 1/2 cup starch, 2 tbs oil and a teaspoon of salt.

Mix mix mix, knead knead knead


knead knead knead knead knead knead


And let it sit for a few minutes while I started the soup base and veggies.


A little bit more kneading later (earlobe-ish texture), I rolled it out as thin as I could.


Folded it over a few times and cut cut cut…


Fluffed it up into strips, and was looking pretty good!



It started to fall apart the moment it hit hot water!!!!!!


I have no idea why this happened…. Very likely spelt (being gluten freeish) has a slightly different way of noodling (more like soba/buckwheat) and the resting time was 20 minutes….. or the water was not boiling enough? I certainly kneaded it thoroughly.


I ended up having a giant shaped semi cooked gloop with tiny bits of semi intact noodle-ish shaped strands, and having some store bought instant noodles to have with my broth and veggies instead.

pop op, 6


As mentioned in the previous post, Johnpop’s hair is waaay wayyyyy too bright blond.


3 colour mix….


and a shock blanket protection sheet later…. (*sniggers* anyone caught the reference, or was I geeking out too much?)


After and Before.

Much better.

P.S. I can’t find my GW purity seal spray!! *frantically rushes around everywhere rummaging through bags/boxes*

pop op, 5


So… John is not looking amused with the lack of a colourd robe for quite a while now… We can’t have that!


This proved to be a tad messier and more time consuming that I initially thought. Just in case of any accidents on the head I decided to give it a bit of protection.

“mmm mffpf mm mffmamppf” translate: this is so undignified

Yes, sorry. It looks so wrong.


Paint paint paint paint.

I decided to paint the white strips light grey, and change the tshirt and slippers to dark grey. Leaving it white made it look unfinished.


Ta da!

Those stripy robes took a LONG LONG time while to finish. Touching up was neverending. I also found that using cling film is not great. It stuck to some of the paint (ripped of a tiny bit of skin 😦 ), and somehow made the whole area sticky!

Looking at nearly-finished Johnpop, I decided to redo the hair colour. This was way too bright.