pop op, 2

I need to get ol’Jimmie here nice and shiny before being reborn as John.

So… death by acetone.


Rubbing the paint off is rather tougher than I thought it would be…

*rub rub rub* *scrubby* *rub rub*

1 hour later……

*huff huff huff* *rub rub* *scrub* *rub a dubdub* *scrub* *huff*


This was the best I could do before giving up. Seems like the head and the body is made from different coloured vinyl. I’ll just give it a good white undercoat.

*goes off to wash ex-jimmie in soapy water*

Oh, btw, be very careful while holding it and rubbing. Some softer parts (like the flat part of the face) might get squashed from your grip + the vinyl-eating properties of acetone.

…. and wear a glove.

……………… and a mask.

…………………………….. and don’t try using tissue. It. Does. Not. Work.

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