geeky boxes, dec, 2

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been expecting 3 geek subscription boxes this month for the first time.

The first was Infinity crate, and then came Nerd Block.

nerd block 2

There was a lot of stuff in that box!!! I must admit I’m pretty impressed, though slightly bummed out that there was nothing hobbity.

nerd block 1

6 items as well (same as Infinity Crate, yet felt more worthwhile and not just gap fillers.)

1. Butter beer pub crawl harry potter tshirt – this I absolutely adore. Deep red in colour (which I love), and fantastic quality. Well pleased. Size is rather big for me, but I love oversized ts so I don’t mind. (In fact, I’m wearing it right now)
2. the Frozen planet of Hoth star wars tshirt – also lovely quality.
3. Tetris notebook – coloured pages with tetris shapes cut out from the top. Good quality chunky paper. Not quite sure what to do with it just yet, but I love notebooks (I have so many!!) so am well chuffed.
4. Gizmo plush – Cute, very good quality. Very very fluffy and actually fairly hefty in weight. Feels like a real little creature in your hands. The movie scared the crap out of my growing up, but always liked little mogwais. Happy, but not overjoyed.
5. Dungeons and Dragons lego character – mystery blind pack. Got one with an axe. Don’t do D&Ds, but lego is cool. Will likely give this to my brother/nephews.
6. Warwick Davis signed Willow print – real signature! Not just a mass produced print! I absolutely loved Willow while growing up (am an 80s child). Could have gotten the Val Kilmer version, but am very happy with either.

Overall, very good box.

Last one for the month: Loot Crate

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