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OK. I’ve recently gone slightly geek subscription box mad.

It all started 2ish months ago when a friend of mine posted something on facebook regarding loot crate. Curious, I jumped onto the bandwagon.

2 lootcrates later, I decided that it was a bit too gamer-centric for me (with characters, vouchers and coupon codes for games that I won’t use). I decided to use December and January as a little comparison and signed up with Nerd Block as well. I also succumbed to getting Infinity Crate less than an hour before their december box subscription time ended. (There’s a 4th one, Pop in a box, but more on that in another post).

Why December and January? Because I thought that if I were to get any Hobbity/Lord of the Rings related stuff it would be these 2 months, with the release of the last Hobbity movie (which I really enjoyed!)

geek boxes

So, briefly comparing the 3….

Loot Crate: £19.15 (per month)
-From USA. Gamer-centric. The box itself is a feature in its own right. Has a comic in every box.
Nerd Block: £18.74 (per month)
-From Canada. Guarantees tshirt in every box.
Infinity Crate: £16.99 (per month)
-From UK (wales). Guarantees tshirt and a funko pop. Can enter likes/genres for customized-ish box. Deliver quicker since I’m in the UK as well, but only just.

First one that arrived was Infinity Crate (22 Dec). The others (Nerd Block, and then Loot Crate) followed along today (23 Dec).

infinity crate dec 2014

From the photo, you can see that they’ve included 6 items (was actually 7, but I think they forgot a mini groot poster which I’m not overly fussed about so not going to ask for it).

1. Funko pop Poison Ivy – Not bad. Saw some other unboxing with danys (Game of thrones) and thought that would have been nice, but not overly fussed.
2. LOTR t-shirt – *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* (nuff said. LOTR item 1 *kaching*). Cloth quality so so.
3. LOTR vinyl sticker – Hm… ok. it’s Hobbity. I’m happy
4. snowman white choc – seasonal, but not really chocolate is it. Still. Happy.
5. Theme postcard – comes in every box with their featured theme (Might and Magic this month?)
6. 4 magnet buttons – nowhere really to stick them, but with a cool Smaug one.

Overall…. Okay. Very happy with the tshirt. Wouldn’t say no to the funko. So with just the 2 items it’s good. Can’t help but think the others are REAAAALLLY filler-fillers…

But if you’re a pop collector and don’t really care what pop you get, then this is a good box to subscribe for.

Am also very happy that it’s within the UK, so will have clocked a lot less milage, which is good.

Next box: Nerd Block

pop op, 3

A quick run to Games Workshop to grab a bottle of white priming paint later.


*spray spray spray*

Whoops. Over did it and was dripping white… Oh dear…


*waits impatiently*

Oh f*** it…

*turns pop and sprays other sides*


*gets paint everywhere because of impatience*

I also left a few fingerprints around as well…. *sigh*


Oh well.. done now.

I’ve learnt that: be very very patient with priming. I took around 2 hours spraying and waiting, even then it’s not quite long enough breaks in between for it to dry properly.

Results: Not too shabby. Just oversprayed some parts (blobs of paint sort of visable) and finger prints or smudges from moving it around a bit too soon.

pop op, 2

I need to get ol’Jimmie here nice and shiny before being reborn as John.

So… death by acetone.


Rubbing the paint off is rather tougher than I thought it would be…

*rub rub rub* *scrubby* *rub rub*

1 hour later……

*huff huff huff* *rub rub* *scrub* *rub a dubdub* *scrub* *huff*


This was the best I could do before giving up. Seems like the head and the body is made from different coloured vinyl. I’ll just give it a good white undercoat.

*goes off to wash ex-jimmie in soapy water*

Oh, btw, be very careful while holding it and rubbing. Some softer parts (like the flat part of the face) might get squashed from your grip + the vinyl-eating properties of acetone.

…. and wear a glove.

……………… and a mask.

…………………………….. and don’t try using tissue. It. Does. Not. Work.