pop op, 1

All that waiting for my geek boxes (see previous post) had me going for a browse through Forbidden Planet, geek heaven and eden of all things comic booky.

I have recently also been toying with the idea of dabbling into funko pop customization, as well as lamenting the lack of Sherlock related pops. So it was serendipity that I bumped into this…


Immediately I thought “OOOOOOOOOH Perfect Watson!” (It’s Jimmie from Pulp Fiction).


This will be my first custom pop, so will start simple. Just a repaint.

After this, who knows. Maybe try a Mycroft and Sherlock pop as well.

still waiting….

My geeky side is chomping at its bit…

No loot crate, no nerd block, no infinity crate, no funko pop yet…



My inner smaug is breathing fire.


“rwwaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Send me my boxes!”

geeky subscription boxes

Sooo….. I’ve had a sudden subscription box craze….

I’ve started with loot crate (after quite a bit of browsing around youtube) since October just in time for their halloween themed crate. I’ll admit one of the reasons I got that was because of the bloody chainsaw massacre pen thing that fitted Mitchie’s size to a t. The rest of the box was… ok…


Much the same for Nov box. It was a bit too gamey based for me, with gaming vouchers and such.

But, with December (and hobbit!) due, I thought there might be a chance for stuff that I would prefer. So once I managed to get my visa sorted out, I bit the bullet and signed up for Nerd Block as well, at least for 2 months to compare the 2.

Or 3….

Because I went and signed up for Infinity Crate around 4 hours ago.

I wanted a UK based box. Loot crate and nerd block are US based, so shipping added quite a bit on top. When I bumped into Infinity Crate, I really couldn’t give that a miss…. (yes that’s my logic and I’m sticking to it).

I just keep these 3 for 2 months for comparison and decide on one.

But… there’s also Pop in a Box. Which I’ve already ordered some items off of… and that I desperately want. Funko Pop based boxes.

*goes to corner and hyperventilates*

I am so broke this month….