pop op, 1

All that waiting for my geek boxes (see previous post) had me going for a browse through Forbidden Planet, geek heaven and eden of all things comic booky.

I have recently also been toying with the idea of dabbling into funko pop customization, as well as lamenting the lack of Sherlock related pops. So it was serendipity that I bumped into this…


Immediately I thought “OOOOOOOOOH Perfect Watson!” (It’s Jimmie from Pulp Fiction).


This will be my first custom pop, so will start simple. Just a repaint.

After this, who knows. Maybe try a Mycroft and Sherlock pop as well.

geeky subscription boxes

Sooo….. I’ve had a sudden subscription box craze….

I’ve started with loot crate (after quite a bit of browsing around youtube) since October just in time for their halloween themed crate. I’ll admit one of the reasons I got that was because of the bloody chainsaw massacre pen thing that fitted Mitchie’s size to a t. The rest of the box was… ok…


Much the same for Nov box. It was a bit too gamey based for me, with gaming vouchers and such.

But, with December (and hobbit!) due, I thought there might be a chance for stuff that I would prefer. So once I managed to get my visa sorted out, I bit the bullet and signed up for Nerd Block as well, at least for 2 months to compare the 2.

Or 3….

Because I went and signed up for Infinity Crate around 4 hours ago.

I wanted a UK based box. Loot crate and nerd block are US based, so shipping added quite a bit on top. When I bumped into Infinity Crate, I really couldn’t give that a miss…. (yes that’s my logic and I’m sticking to it).

I just keep these 3 for 2 months for comparison and decide on one.

But… there’s also Pop in a Box. Which I’ve already ordered some items off of… and that I desperately want. Funko Pop based boxes.

*goes to corner and hyperventilates*

I am so broke this month….