food from home

A friend’s parents came over recently and met up for dinner. With them came various packets of gorgeous curry spices! Best I’ve ever had.


These are packets sold only in a few ‘mamak’ stores back in Malaysia. I’ve already used up several packets of the stuff. *sniffs* I need a trip home to stock up!


Anyway, for this fish curry, I used salmon belly, scallops and fish tofu (try and find it at your local chinese grocery stalls. They are incredibly tasty), and substituted coconut milk with regular milk (only because I can’t be bothered to keep around 3/4 cans of leftover coconut milk and have a glut of pints in the fridge from work since christmas).

I also added extra ocra (otherwise known as ladies fingers, which I adore!)

Following the instructions carefully….


and making sure that the seafood that was added in last don’t overcook….



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