geeky boxes continues

I’ve only just realised I’ve forgotten to post the geek subscription boxes reviews from January! Whoops.

So here they are:

Infinity Crate
Infinity Crate

I kept up with Infinity crate up till aprilish, but have stopped it since then. They promised a tshirt and a pop for all boxes, but after getting a few months worth from them I find that the quality of the tshirts are generally quite poor, and the pops are somewhat random even though they do try to gear it to what you specified in your interests in the site. The stuff that came with the tshirt and pop are usually overly fillerish. Things like their own printed poster (yawn, sorry), cheap pens, magnets, very very out of date books/magazines, etc, which hardly worth anything at all. Even though they work out to be the cheapest box of the lot (£16ish, delivery included since it’s a UK company) I would rather use that money to buy specific pops that I fancy.

Loot crate
Loot crate

A pretty good haul, but to me Lootcrate was the most uninspiring (despite the Starwars comic, but another version of that popped up in Feb’s Nerd block….) so I’ve canceled them since feb/march. They have very good stuff, don’t get me wrong…. but they are very gamer-centeric. I don’t really do games, so these all end up being hauled over to friends/family instead. Other than the comic book, I actually didn’t like any of the items in this box.

Nerd Block
Nerd Block

Last but not least, Nerd Block. This is the one I’ve decided to keep. After skipping Apr (back to the 80s theme. Was happy I missed it) and got the 6 months subscription starting May (Ani-May theme. very clever). I’ve been quite consistently happy with the stuff that popped out of this particular subscription. it usually works out to be around £20 (shipping, etc) getting to my hands and they are very prompt in their shipping! I actually recieved this month’s box a few days early.

That said…

I’ve just signed up for My Geek Box. They must have had a sharp increase of subscribers for this month because they are promising an exclusive sculpt funko pop! I must admit that was what drew me in. I signed up for a 3 months subscription which works out to be around £16 per month (again, like infinity crate, it’s a UK company so delivery is included. Part of the reason why I keep searching for local boxes). I guess we shall see soon enough, though I doubt I will be going for any longer than the 3 months.

On a side note, I now have my eye on Betoyo Bento and signed up for oyatsu box yesterday.

Betoyo Bento is dedicated to anime related stuff, primarily gashapons and such. I love blind boxes. I love gashapons. I love anime. I am actually kicking myself (a little) that I have 3 months of My Geek Box because I would have happily canceled them after the 1 month, and gone for this instead. Oh well.

Oyatsu Box is snacks. Lots and lots of snacks straight from Japan. Japanese snack in the UK are EXPENSIVE, so for just £16ish I get 8-11 types of snacks every month. Sounds like a good deal to me. They also include 1 gashapon/anime thingy in every box which was why I went for this one instead of any of the other japanese snacks subscription boxes out there in (and there are many, believe me). I will likely post a review on the first My Geek Box and Oyatsu Box when they arrive (hopefully soon!). Stay tuned.


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