yet another subscription box

As I’ve mentioned in this last post, I’ve just started on yet another geeky box (3 month subscription) called My Geek Box. It’s a UK box, so I save on the shipping and less air travel is good. Yay.

I got it today! Yay again.

Here is the My Geek Box June (Abilities) loot.


The draw-point is the funko pop. It’s suppose to be an Europe exclusive new mould pop, and turns out to be an unmasked Cyclops. I like X Men (especially first class), but Cyclops… not so much. Oh well. A little underwhelmed, but hey. It could have been anything. At least it’s one I recognised. I might just sell that on ebay at some point. Will see.

What I really like is that t-shirt. An mutant academy + american jock design. Pretty nice.

The fillers include a star wars mouse mat, a stick of apple flavoured sweets, a pack of spiderman collecting cards and 6 batman badges. Fillers, basically.

Overall, it’s looking a bit like Infinity crate (also see previous geekbox posts). 1 or 2 main things and other filler stuff (including some american sweets… which I don’t really eat anyway).

Looks like I won’t be keeping this past the 3 months subscription that I’ve signed up for, and try Betoyo Bento after this. Stay tuned.


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