more sub boxes

OK. It doesn’t end does it….

As mentioned in a past subscription box post, I’ve recently signed up for a slightly different one. Instead of my usual geek boxes (nerd block, loot crate, infinity crate, my geek box, yikes), my latest box is a foodie one from Japan, called Oyatsu Box.


This is chocka full of sweets and snack straight from Japan.

The main reason I got this box was because they include a gashapon/japanese toy every month. I love blind boxes and gashapons (Lets face it, subscription boxes are just giant expensive blind boxes), so I decided to give it a go. I had hoped that I might be able to get some of the anime figurines, specially if it’s from the ones I really like watching.

So imagine my surprise when I found…


Kuroko no Basuke!!

I am obsessed with KnB these days. I have so many figurines you wouldn’t believe it.

these are just some of my newer ones....

These are just some of my newer ones I’ve got when I went to a comic book store near chinatown and saw them.

Yes, I need help.

To think I managed to get a kuroko gashapon with my first box! And yes, I know I shouldn’t be so happy over something so trivial, but I am. So there.

Anyway, a little less manic because I got Wakamatsu, who is pretty much my least favourite character of the lot. It would have been fitting if it was Murasakibara instead, seeing that he is the ever snacking giant in the anime. Though I would really really love to get Aomine.

Enough fangirling.


Very happy with the stuff inside. Would have prefered more savoury stuff, but these tend to be sweet-centric. Shared the loot with friends and family. Am quite happy to keep this going for a while yet.

Please please please send more Kuroko stuff. Or Free! Iwatobi. Or classics like Kenshin or Yuyu.


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